Future is now! We are recruiting engineers, scientists and technicians for our offices in Italy. If you want to challenge your capabilities in a fast growing environment send us your CV to stam@stamtech.com

We value intelligence, commitment and motivation. Preference is given to profiles in the following areas: design of mechatronic systems, energy and environment, ICT and software development.

Business Areas

Energy & Environment

STAM is involved in all levels of research with respect to sustainable and environmental design for spaces, buildings, neighborhoods and cities.

Industry & Automation

STAM has been specialising in the design and manufacturing of innovative mechatronic systems for industrial automation.

Security & Transport

A large part of STAM activities is related to safety and security aspects of critical infrastructures in transportation engineering.

Space & Defence

Stam experience builds on 20 years of support to big players in the space and defence fields, where engineering services were tailored to the needs of long term national and international programmes.

Cross Cutting

STAM places partnership working at its core, and has established valuable links with schools, secondary and tertiary education institutions, lifelong learning networks.

Research & Development

Stam is an Italian SME specialised in design and manufacturing of advanced power transmission systems.


Our most important asset for achieving excellence is our people.


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Stam is a private engineering company based in Genoa, Italy.


STAM is a SME member of E2BA and supplier of the European Space Agency with the Technology Transfer Programme. STAM has also developed a significant experience in working with the funding instruments of the European Commission, being involved in more than 50 Projects in the last 15 years.

The Company performs all stages of the product design cycle, from conception through validation with CAD and FEA tools, to component and subsystem design and specification, down to the definition of tools, and production cycles.

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Clients and Partners

The success of Stam comes from the trust and excellent relationships that we have forged with our clients and partners. Our network of clients and partners spans over twenty countries Worldwide.

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