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Our Headquarter

The offices of STAM are located in the centre of Genova, very close to several high-tech companies and to the University of Genova, with which Stam has been successfully collaborating for more than a decade. STAM has also a laboratory to test the performances of mechanical and mechatronic systems.

Stam offers a great variety of technologic services oriented to the business, adapted to the necessities of each client, and based in modules that have been developed during the last 20 years. Only the right alignment between technologies and business strategies will guarantee the creation of value through more efficient production systems or new business opportunities. A sample of it is the strategy followed by the company to invest over the 50% of its profits in R&D.





Our Team


The team of Stam consists of experienced professionals and technology specialists: each member possesses a Master University Degree. The unique combination of the team adds value by introducing diverse approaches and perspectives, assuring professionalism and skills in the highest technologies.

Stam counts onan extensive international network of technological contacts all around Europe,  through R&D groups and specialized technological enterprises.

Stam also has a national collaborators network, conformed by public and private R&D groups, as well as operating SMEs.

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