Stam offers specialized consulting in the design and development of technology implementation plans ensuring the results for the company. The guarantee of success in our solutions is based on:

  • The application of processes analysis tools developed during its years of experience in business management.
  • The creativity of the given solutions, based on original production processes and new engineering models.
  • Knowledge of the markets and the most international advanced technologies with proven business results.
  • Its performing area covers Europe and the Middle East in sectors like manufacturing, energy and transportation, as well as in the global environment field.

ind_automation1b.jpgIndustry and Automation

Stam is a well-established robotics and industrial automation SME. The company can provide full engineering services in the field of advanced robotics by targeting ground, automation and space applications for the Italian as well as international markets.



Stam offers a full range of consulting and engineering services and related fieldwork for projects involving environmental studies and resource management and monitoring, design of facilities and environmental risk assessment.



Stam provides qualified services to transport systems contractors, owners and authorities in all phases of project development: design, construction, test. Stam can act at system and sub-system engineering level, as well as at risk assessment and management level for complex projects.


security1.jpgDefence and Security

Stam offers expertise and skills in safety, reliability, risk analysis and loss prevention services, developed in consulting engineering services and related field works in a variety of environments.


egineering.jpgTechnological Services

Stam offers a full range of integrated engineering and consulting services to support its Customers in the development of complex projects, covering the early phases of conceptual design and definition of specifications up to implementation, optimization and validation.


testing3b.jpgPrototyping and Testing

Stam can also provide prototyping and testing services to its Customers. Integration and testing of prototypes is followed by our engineering staff until full commissioning of the new product or process is completed.


modelling2b.jpgICT Services

Stam can provide dedicated software solutions for complex modelling, integrated design, automation and control systems within different industrial fields.


projectmanagement1b.jpgR&D and Innovation

Stam can provide full support to companies and institutions in the complex activity of managing the innovation process, especially in all critical aspects of identification of targets and opportunities as well as in the set up of the proper innovation targets plan and identification of proper resources.

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